Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Close The Book On That Political Career

So it's taken me a few days to find some time to comment on Sarah Palin's announcement of a few days ago that she was resigning as Alaska's governor. One of the reasons I haven't had time to post on it is because every time I think about it I bust out laughing hysterically. After that rambling, near-incoherent presser she had on the shore of some lake in Alaska her career is over. She will forever be known as Sarah Palin, Quitter.

Former President Harry Truman gave some very good advice when his approval ratings were plummeting downwards. He said "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." Apparently Ms. Palin couldn't stand the heat, so she quit. It's also been hilarious to watch all the wingnut pundits all over the TeeVee try to defend her as the savior of the Republican party. During the campaign they all annointed her the most compelling politician since, well... ever. And now... she quits. She just quit.

And the reasons she gave for quitting? Depending on what day it is we'll have to figure it out for ourselves, since she hasn't given a straight answer to any question yet, but if he resigned with about half of her only term as governor still left to serve to run for president in 2012 she really is as stupid as she sounded in those interviews she did with Katie Couric. No one is going to trust her to hold higher office since she walked out on her promise to the voters of Alaska because a few 'bloggers were "insulting" her. If she can't handle a little criticism from people who, according to her, still live in their parents basements and never get out of their pajamas, how can she be expected to handle something like North Korea. The short answer is she can't. She can't be trusted anymore, at all. She proved that by resigning her position as governor.

No matter what her real reasons are for resigning her career is over. And I'm laughing hysterically about it every time I think about it.

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