Friday, April 25, 2008

The Accuracy of Stock Analysts

For weeks now technology and stock analysts have been predicting that Apple will introduce a 3G iPhone at the upcoming World Wide Developer Conference happening in June. I have to say I think the "evidence" for this is pretty thin. Ars Technica is reporting, this morning, that
The prognostication is mainly based on the fact that iPhone supplies are fairly low right now, which, given Apple's love of cutting production before an update, would seem to point towards something. Aside from the 3G iPhone, Wu also believes that a new, slightly redesigned EDGE iPhone update could be coming at WWDC, and might sell for between $300 and $350 to make the device attractive to a broader range of customers.
As I mentioned, I'm skeptical about this because WWDC is not a consumer trade show, like Macworld Expo is. WWDC is a developers conference. Traditionally Apple hasn't introduced new consumer hardware, with a lot of fanfare, at this conference. But I guess we'll see in June. I'm right about as much as the analysts are, anyway.

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