Friday, September 23, 2011

Peace Corps Update: Next stage reached

As many of you many have seen from my post on Facebook last week I got my nomination to the Peace Corps. Very exciting. I had to wait to get the letter in the mail to see more about the project, though and I got it yesterday.

I've been nominated to teach English somewhere in Asia. For now that's all I know. The letter tells me that if I get past the next round of paperwork and interviews then I'll get invited to serve in a specific country. So, now I get to wait some more, but hopefully not as long. But I also have to return a bunch of medical paperwork as fast as possible. Thank goodness I can go to the VA for my medical care and not have to run up a bunch of bills. Even though PC will reimburse me for these things I'd still rather not spend money that I don't have.

So what countries in Asia might I go to? I could be sent to any one of Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Mongolia, Philippines or Thailand. Any one of them will be very cool since I haven't been to Asia, but some of those countries have great scuba diving available. Hint, hint Peace Corps.

Something I didn't expect is that I will get a special Peace Corps passport.

So that's what I know so far. I'm looking for the new packet of paperwork in the mail over the next few days and will be setting up doctor appointments so I can get the paperwork back as fast as possible, since they do look a how fast that happens as well. In the meantime I'll be perusing the Peace Corps Wiki site to try to get an idea of what I might expect in those Asian countries.

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