Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Peace Corps Recruiting

Wow. I logged into my Blogger account to write up a new, short post and.... they changed everything!

Anyway, I got a call today from my new PC recruiter, which I didn't expect, because, Travis, my original recruiter is moving on. Jennifer and I chatted for a few minutes; she wanted me to revise one of my essays because it wasn't quite long enough. No problem.

She gave me some encouraging news that new projects that are projected to leave in July, August or September of '12 will be coming open at the end of Summer. So she will start looking for a position in Business Development for me, which is what I really think I'm qualified for. I do still need to keep getting ESL teaching experience though.

We briefly talked about my photography as well, and she said something interesting. When she was a volunteer one of her fellow volunteers has a side project teaching photography in his community. That would be awesome (as my friend Dan is fond of saying)!

So, still nothing really new, but I wanted to impart that little conversation.

(BTW, this new Blogger is really going to take some getting used to.)

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  1. That sounds encouraging. Love reading your blog.