Friday, March 20, 2009

Not Enough Information!

I logged into my bank's web site today to take a look at my account and make sure what little money I have was still there. Waiting for me was a note from the bank telling me they are issuing me a new debit card because "a security breach has occurred involving the credit and debit card payment processor used by a merchant where you recently may have used." Ok, cool. The bank is taking proactive action. As I read the rest of the message I'm looking for the name of the merchant I "may" have shopped at.


What the hell? You're throwing my bill payment into complete disarray, which I'm going to have to sort out, by issuing me a new debit card with a new number and you won't even tell me who the "merchant" is that had this security breach?

Don't get me wrong... I appreciate that my bank is taking pro-active action to protect me. But if they don't tell me what "merchant" it is that had the security breach it could happen again. What use is that? Argh.

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