Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Better Explanation

[Update: Sorry about the video snafu. MSNBC gave me the wrong URL when I was trying to copy it. It's fixed now.]

Last month a friend of mine was visiting and we were talking about the recession we now find ourselves in and it's causes. She said she didn't understand what went on. I don't have a real good grasp of what went on, but I felt I had a basic understanding so I did my best to explain it using my uncertain understanding. I think she was too polite to tell me I still don't understand it. But Keith Olberman has explained it, very succinctly. Here's the video:

Folks, this is why elections matter. There is, literally, no one who has served in D.C. in the past 15 or so years that is not to blame for our current recession. Democrats included, although they don't bear the lion's share of blame. That falls squarely on the GOP and their destructive economic policies, if you can call them that. This is what happens when we don't pay attention to what our government is doing in our names. When we don't pay attention we get screwed.

So pay attention!

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