Friday, February 13, 2009

A Presidential Schedule

This morning I came across this opinion piece from the New York Times which I enjoyed. The focus of the op-ed, which talks about presidential schedules, are Presidents Obama, Reagan and Roosevelt (the second) but other's get a mention as well.
Being comfortable in one’s own skin does not guarantee a successful presidency. If it did, George W. Bush would be accorded higher marks than he receives from most historians and the American people. But optimism, a sense of normalcy, and a determination to keep in touch with the people you have inspired are useful attributes for any president. They helped F.D.R. become, in his words, first “Dr. New Deal” and then “Dr. Win the War.” They helped Reagan overcome the pessimism of malaise and the dismay of recession. And they have kept Americans rooting for Mr. Obama despite some early stumbles. As F.D.R. and Reagan knew, most Americans are optimists who believe in better days ahead for themselves and their country. “Yes we can” has resonance.

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