Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not a very good lie

Rush Limbaugh is a liar, and he thinks you're stupid.

On his radio show this week he claimed that the stimulus bill is full of all kinds of secret things that you can't search for because the text of the bill is a downloadable PDF file. I know, I know...

Naming Limbaugh his "worst person in the world" Keith Olberman, on Countdown, makes extremely short work of this flimsy canard from Limbaugh.

To add to the irony even further, Mr. Limbaugh is a Mac user. So he knows that it is extremely easy to search any PDF document using the prominent Search box in the upper right corner of every PDF window. As is normal, searching a PDF on a Mac is even easier that it is in Windows.

When Limbaugh tells his audience that it is impossible to search a PDF he is lying. And he thinks you are too stupid to know he is lying. And it's not even a very good lie. It is so easily disproved and his contempt for his audience is so obvious that it is a wonder anyone still listens to him at all.

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