Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kick Him To The Curb

Now that the election is over it is time to put some serious discipline on Sen. Joe Lieberman. With a solid 56-seat majority in the Senate, including Lieberman, the Democrats don't need him. This election he has proven himself a craven opportunist who has no loyalty to the caucus he claims to support.

He should be immediately stripped of his committee chair, so he can't use it to go after President Obama, and kicked out of the Democratic caucus in the Senate. Let him crawl across the aisle to his new BFFs the Republicans and see what kind of reception he will get there. They don't want him either because his usefulness to them is now over since they lost all power in government.

The Democrats were put in charge of the government by the American people to kick ass, take name, make changes and fix problems. One of the first things they can do in Congress to show the public they understand that is to kick Joe Lieberman to the curb like the mangy, disloyal cur he is.

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