Wednesday, March 10, 2010

AT&T Wireless FAIL!

I've been in Stockholm, Sweden for almost a month now. Before I came over I took the plunge and jailbroke & unlocked my iPhone so I could use a mobile provider in Sweden without resorting to carrying around more than one device. I had several to choose from and the one I went with is the former state-owned company Telia.

All I can say about the data services in Sweden is Wow! Not only is the data fast, faster than at&t, but I can even get data in the T-Bana, the underground. At 3G speeds no less. None of this crap that AT&T pulls on me when I'm in the MUNI tunnels of showing me 5 bars of 3G then not delivering any data at all.

Using my iPhone in Europe has been a pleasure. I never get a dropped call; the data is always on and fast; I can refill my pre-paid SIM just about anywhere in Stockholm for around $15 and that usually lasts me a week.

AT&T Wireless FAIL! You could learn a lot from the mobile providers in Europe.

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