Thursday, September 3, 2009

Massive Engineering

Starting tonight at 8 PM PDT, the Bay Bridge which connects San Francisco with Oakland and the rest of the East Bay will be closed over the Labor Day weekend to put in a new piece that will eventually connect the new span of the bridge to Treasure Island. It's a huge engineering feat, and I've been fascinated by the on going coverage this week. Although nothing has happened yet, I think you should be able to watch video of the work starting tonight from this local news station.

The biggest worry is if the entire thing just collapses. If that happens the Bay Bridge would be closed for an entire year. Yikes! I doubt that is going to happen, though. The last time something like this was done CalTrans actually reopened the bridge 6 hours early.

So in addition to finishing up getting ready for my vacation, I'll also be watching the coverage of this interesting feat of giant engineering.

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