Monday, August 17, 2009

Healthcare Train Wreck

I've been trying to keep up with the "debate" going on in the country right now over providing health care coverage to all Americans and I've been becoming increasingly frustrated with the ineptness of the Democrats in general and the White House in particular in getting this done.

And today we are getting reports that the White House has said a public option is "not a priority." Grrr....

Folks, this is real simple. To provide health coverage to everyone who wants it just open up Medicare to everyone who wants to join. If you have health insurance that you like then stay with it, but everyone who wants to should be able to join Medicare and get the same benefits of the single payer system our senior citizens get. Then regulate the rest of the health insurance industry into the dirt so they can't drop people at the drop of a hat and let them compete against Medicare. Simple.

President Obama... you do not need the Republicans in Congress to pass this. They aren't going to vote for this kind of thing anyway so just stop trying to be nice to them. Over 70% of the American public wants a single payer, public option to health care so give it to us. It's what we elected you to do.

Why do I always have to think of these things?

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