Friday, August 7, 2009

Big Boss, Little Boss

Last weekend I went to the zoo, as I am known to do if I have a bit of free time on the weekends, and snapped some shots of the lowland gorillas. I needed to practice just a bit more with my long lens.

The whole family was out that morning and Hasani was just trucking around the enclosure. On a couple of occasions he was having so much fun that he stopped, stood up, and tried to beat his chest as I'm sure he's seen the adults do. He's still not real coordinated so he promptly fell over.

I was talking to a couple of the zoo employees and a docent just before I reached the enclosure and it seems that Oscar, the male, has gotten more protective of Hasani. I had to take off my photo vest because the sight of them irritates him because he associates them with the docent bringing large groups of people around who make noise and point and generally behave badly by gorilla standards. Quite interesting.

Oscar was also rather aggressive that morning against another photographer that was there. This fellow is apparently there much more often than I am and Oscar has taken a dislike to him. He even charged the observation platform on this other photog was standing at once. Of course this made everyone squeal and just annoyed Oscar further. The poor guy can't win.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures. The next batch of gorilla pictures I post will be from my trip to East Africa.


  1. What a beautiful photo!
    It's a pleasure to read you. Thank you!
    ...and have a magnificent trip to East Africa!