Friday, May 8, 2009

Microsoft's Windows 7 Takes a Giant Leap Backwards

So we've been working with the Windows 7 beta at the office and we noticed something today. Windows 7 absolutely sucks at copying files. It is is slow, slow, slow as molasses in winter.

Just an example: We downloaded the new Windows 7 Release Candidate disk image. To back it up we wanted to uploaded it one of our servers. Win7 was going to take over an hour to copy 2.4 GB over our LAN. And it kept crashing. Scratch that idea, we copied it to a 4GB USB stick, which took almost 15 minutes and transfered it to a new MacBook Pro to copy it up to the network.

Copying the file 2.4 GB file off the USB stick took 1 minute. Huh? And copying the disk image to our server? Mac OS X v.10.5.6 Leopard took 4 minutes. WTF Microsoft? Why can't you do anything right?

Stay far, far away from Windows 7 a.k.a. Windows Vista Service Pack 2. It will be the worst. operating system. ever.

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