Monday, September 1, 2008

Costa Rica Day 4: Got you, you Bastards!

Today started off great! Just after we had breakfast and before the boat from Pirate Cove arrived a flight of 3 adult Scarlet Macaws finally landed in a tree where I could get decent shots of them. I'd seen these birds in the area before but always missed the shot for one reason or another. But not today.

Seeing the birds today really is a nice bonus. I expect to get more and better shots when I go to the Corcovado National Park tomorrow.

The boat ride from Sabalo Lodge to Pirate Cove, in Drake Bay was fun. It was high tide on the river so we didn't see any crocs this time since there was nowhere for them to climb out of the water, but I was prepared with the zoom lens just in case. However, I did get some nice landscape shots.

Leaving the mouth of the Sierpe river and heading straight into the Pacific Ocean was a neat experience. Fortunately it wasn't a rough ride. I arrived at Pirate Cove a little late to get on any of the tours for the day. Most of them are gone by 8 AM. So the rest of the day has been spent relaxing and bringing this journal up to date and trying to get my boots dry for tomorrow. I know I'll probably come out of the forest with wet boots again, but I don't want to start the day with wet boots. Thank goodness I remembered to bring plastic trash bags.

Tomorrow, Corcovado National Park.

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