Friday, August 29, 2008

GOP Looks To The Past, Again

Proving yet again that the GOP is the party of no ideas Mr. McCain has chosen a woman, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, to be his running mate. Ms. Palin makes a perfect choice for for Mr. McCain, actually, because she doesn't mind that one of her children, who has Downs Syndrome, will be used for crass political purposes. Expect to see young Palin at a lot of campaign events to shore up McCain's right-wing creds with the nutzoid anti-choice crowd. The New York Times gets a little snarky:

The choice of Ms. Palin was reminiscent of George H. W. Bush’s selection of Dan Quayle, a young United States senator, as his running mate in 1988. The media and most in the Republican Party were caught unaware by the announcement of a figure relatively unknown outside Indiana.
I'm not sure being compared to Dan Quayle is a good thing for Ms. Palin.

UPDATE: A post on DailyKos sums up this news very succintly:
We all expected McCain to pick someone underwhelming to run with him. But we never could have expected a pick worse than Quayle. Yet that's what we got. Thanks, John!
Indeed. Way to go, John!

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