Wednesday, July 30, 2008

That's Some Set of Cojones

The monkey from mars:
At the height of UFO hysteria then sweeping the nation, two young barbers and a butcher took a dead monkey in 1953, lopped off its tail and applied a liberal dose of hair remover and some green coloring to the carcass.

Then they left the primate on an isolated road north of Atlanta in the pre-dawn hours of July 8, 1953, burning a circle into the pavement with a blowtorch before a police officer came around the curve in his patrol car.

"If we had been five minutes earlier, we would have caught 'em in the act," said Sherley Brown, the officer who happened on the scene.
I love this stuff!

Even though the hoax didn't last long, unlike the Piltdown Man hoax, those guys really were an audacious trio. All you folks running around in the woods of the Pacific Northwest wearing "bigfoot" shoes keep it up.

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