Monday, June 16, 2008

To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade

An interesting take on the "iPhone upgrade" question from John Gruber:
For the rest of us who lack such common sense and are considering upgrading — yours truly included — it’s not a sure thing. The only significant differences between the iPhone 3G and the original iPhone are the 3G networking and GPS. That’s it. Apple doesn’t publicize things like the specific CPU and GPU inside the iPhone, but several knowledgeable sources told me this week that the CPU and most other internal components are unchanged. The camera is the same. The screen, if not exactly the same,1 is pretty much the same.

I'm not planning to upgrade my hardware, but I am looking forward to the new OS upgrade and the MobileMe features. Hopefully Apple has also included support for digital signatures and encrypted email on the iPhone in the new firmware upgrade and just hasn't mentioned it.

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