Monday, June 23, 2008

35,000 emails? Seriously?

I read with horror this confession from an editor at Macworld magazine that she had 35,000 emails residing in her Inbox. Somebody... stop the madness!

Fortunately Macworld has also published the first of a three part series on managing email. Today's episode is Turn Down The Volume On Your Email. Read it, know it, live it.

I'll just add that the number one useful rule you can use to keep your email under control is what I call the "Double F" rule. Folders & Filters. Create folders for your email, then use Filters (AKA Rules) to then route incoming email directly to those folders. Never let anything sit in your inbox, is my motto. And if you use Apple's Mail application (which you should if you use a Macintosh) then you should also be using Apple Mail's built in Smart Folders and the excellent MailTags from Scott Morrison. Give him your money; he deserves it.

And if you're not already using a Macintosh: switch. Now. You'll thank me for it.

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